Asahiah F. O.

Senior Lecturer

Qualification: BSc. MSc, Ph.D. Computer Science

Rank: Senior Lecturer

Research Interest and Current Research Activities: Language Processing, Intelligent Systems, design and development Development of Spell checkers for three Nigerian languages, Sentiment Analysis, Development of a parallel corpus for translation of sign language to English language.

Area of specialization: Human Language Processing, and Intelligent System.

I have almost ten years of post-doctoral teaching and research experience as a Computer Scientist. My research efforts are in the area of Human Language Processing with a special interest in developing tools for language processing for indigenous African languages and application of Machine learning in the area of computer vision. In total, I have over two decades of teaching and research experience with the supervision of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Teaching Courses: CSC101 – Introduction to Computing I, CSC102 – Introduction to Computing II, CSC201 –  Computer Programming I, CSC202 – Computer Programming II, CSC301 – Low-level programming, CSC302 – Object-oriented programming, CSC315 – Data Structure and Analysis of Algorithms, CPE510 – Natural Language Processing and Applications, CSC523 – Mathematical Programming, CIE617 –  Computational linguistics

Office address: Room 103 ACE Postgraduate Labs

Scopus number: Scopus Author ID: 57195972435

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