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October 2021
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Meet Prof. G. A. Aderounmu

He is a Professor of Computer Science & Engineering with a special interest in Computer Networks and Data Communication. He has published numerous articles in both local and international journals. He was the President of the Nigerian Computer Society and Dean of the Faculty of Technology. His contributions to knowledge have been in the areas of Computer Communications and Network Management. He has made significant contributions to the development of a new method for information storage and retrieval in both homogeneous and heterogeneous network especially in the following areas: concurrency control in a distributed database system, real-time video streaming, reconstruction of lost blocks suitable for wireless video transmission, handover and congestion avoidance in a mobile network, bandwidth estimation, job scheduling, packet resequencing as well as load pattern prediction. His research publications in the area of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network technology have contributed to the knowledge necessary to provide strategies/techniques to remove completely the delays while maintaining bandwidth guarantee for all queues; efficient buffer space management aim at optimizing network usage in high-speed networks provide efficient data-link control schemes and improve quality of service. He has also made significant contributions in the area of policy for engineering education in Nigeria.