Celebrating Academic Excellence: Department Awards Ceremony.

Celebrating Academic Excellence: Department Awards Ceremony.

We are thrilled to announce that our department recently held a prestigious event to honor the exceptional achievements of our brightest students. The university recognized the outstanding performance of the top student from each level in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering with the esteemed Award of Academic Excellence.

On June 27 (Tuesday), a remarkable moment unfolded at the Oduduwa Hall, where the academic accomplishments of these exceptional students were celebrated in grandeur. The event served as a platform to acknowledge their dedication, hard work, and remarkable achievements throughout their academic journey.

We take immense pride in presenting the recipients of the Award of Academic Excellence:

Undergraduate Students

  1. Level 2: Ogundipe Felix Oluwagbemileke (CSC/2019/043) – Computer Engineering; CGPA of 5.00
  2. Level 3: Amuke Sunday (CSC/2018/052) – Computer Science with Mathematics; CGPA of 4.81
  3. Level 4: Awotidoye Adekunle James (CSC/2018/177) – Computer Science with Economics; CGPA of 4.50
  4. Level 5: Egharevba Blessing Adesuwa (CSC/2018/052) – Computer Science with Mathematics; CGPA of 4.76

Postgraduate Students

  1. Alilu Grace Egbi (TP19/20/H/0915) – MSc Information Systems; 73/100
  2. Sysavane Tidanke (TP19/20/H/0752) – Ph.D. Intelligent Systems; 71/100

By recognizing the exceptional talents and academic prowess of these outstanding students, we aim to inspire and motivate the entire student body. These recipients have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to their studies, notable problem-solving skills, and a deep passion for computer science and engineering.

Their achievements not only bring pride to their families and our department but also serve as a testament to the unprecedented quality of education and mentorship provided by our esteemed faculty.

We congratulate each of the recipients for their well-deserved recognition and commend them for their remarkable accomplishments.

We encourage you to join us in celebrating these outstanding students who embody the spirit of excellence within our department. Their stories are a validation to the limitless possibilities that await you as a part of our dynamic community.

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