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October 2021
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Dr. P. A. Idowu
HOD Department of Computer Science and Engineering

HOD’S Welcome Address

You are welcomed to the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, State of Osun, Nigeria.

The Department is one of the foremost community of students, teachers and researchers in computing in Nigeria. The Department has trained a number of individuals and groups in line with the motto of the University which is, ”For Learning and Culture”.

The Department prides itself in impacting sound character along with quality academic discipline on students.

Peter Adebayo Idowu, PhD
Email: paidowu@oauife.edu.ngpaidowu1@gmail.com
Mobile: +234 706 050 6637


To create a teaching and learning community for imparting appropriate skills and knowledge, behavior and attitude, advance frontiers of knowledge that are relevant to national and global development, engender a sense of selfless public service, and promote and nurture the African traditions.

The vision is to be a top rated University in Africa, ranked among the best Universities in the world, whose products occupy leadership positions in the public and private sectors of the Nigerian global economy, that has harnessed modern technological, social, economic and financial strategies, built strong partnerships and linkages within and outside Nigeria and whose research contributes a substantial proportion of innovations in the Nigerian economy.

We would like you to meet some of our University students, graduates and staff who have strived for excellence in teaching, learning and research. You can also learn about our successful projects that have made a difference in the community and industry.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering Success story in pictures. We are the record breakers because we break and set new records. Enjoy!!

Are you an alumnus of OAU Computer Science & Engineering? Click here as an Alumni to provide your information so we can keep in touch with you.

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